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Welcome to - free online classes that may help in your daily life, relationships, or career. There's nothing to buy, just a ton of links and step-by-step instruction in various subjects. Building a part-time income for yourself is possible, but it's a fair amount of work up-front. If you keep working on it a few hours a week, you can increase your daily earnings as your website develops. The goal here is to show you how to design a simple website that gets listed on search engines, and is able to generate a cash-flow within a few months.

Doing business online is one of your best options to raise extra income. Success is governed by two main factors, visitor traffic and sales conversions. There's no rent to pay when starting a business online, unless you count yearly domain name registration and monthly website hosting, both of which are minor. The easiest way to start is by opening a Wordpress blog, and monetizing with Google AdSense pay-per-click ads. Adsense works great, in fact, but you have to understand the concepts, especially how text-ad bidding works, and how the Adsense code interprets your page text. Just making a website isn't enough, if no-one can find it. You'll then need online marketing skills, and the ability to drive conversions.

Luis Fonsi - Despacito, with Daddy Yankee

Always hand in your homework on time, and hang your meat from a tree. In other words, choose your path, study what's important to you, and live your life as if a lion was standing outside of your tent.
Guns N' Roses - Patience

'Patience' is a song by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, released as a single in 1989. The song is played using three acoustic guitars and was recorded in a single session by producer Mike Clink. Music and lyrics were written by Izzy Stradlin.

Get info about online classes, registering for elective courses, and taking practice exams for free online. Which degree programs offer the best opportunities to college graduates? By sampling courses from different departments, you can get a better idea which field you are most comfortable in. It isn't necessary to be enrolled in a degree program in order to sign up for online courses. Every class is recorded and stored on a remote server, which allows students to replay difficult sections as many times as required.

If you remain true to your career interests, not just going after salary, your overall job earnings will increase as you gain experience. However, if your focus is more on salary alone, there's a higher risk that you'll suffer early signs of burnout, and be forced to change careers later on. Technical training programs are a low-cost alternative to attending a regular four-year university, and you can earn good money as a highly-skilled, technical specialist. By taking some of your required degree courses online, you may be able to graduate a semester early, thus saving money on tuition. If you're currently employed, you can take online courses in your free time to advance your career.


- Leadership, Project Management (PMP)
- Real Estate, purchase, leasing
- Business Law, lawsuits

- credit cards, banking, compound interest
- financial management
- loans, lines of credit, credit score
- bitcoin, investing, currency trading, stock market, bonds
- taxation, accounting
- insurance

- advertising
- Sales Training, Closing
- promotion, coupons, events
- Search Engines, Social Media
- Video Marketing, Podcasting
- Branding

- sourcing
- production
- logistics

Human Resources
- pre-screening, recruiting, hiring
- salary, benefits
- training, Team Building
- retention/turnover, retirement

Office Skills
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Excel
- Meetings/Presentations
- Powerpoint
- Public Speaking
- Workplace Popularity

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