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Domain names

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Domain names are multi-purpose tools. They can be developed as a website for doing business. The traffic that a domain generates can be coverted into sales' leads. Moreover, in optimizing your website for 1st page ranking on Google (SEO), nothing beats a domain name containing keywords. Do a google search for any number of two-word searches in Google, with or without quotes. Google assigns a lot of weight to the domain name. Finally, investors acquire domain names for resale, as domain values continue to appreciate.

Domain names are literally "real estate on the web," a location to erect a website for your business. Moreover, the traffic that a domain generates also can be used as sales' leads. Finally, in optimizing your website for Google search engine optimization (SEO) for top ranking position, nothing beats an exact domain name. Domains can be used as "doorway pages," pointing to interior pages on your website. Do a google search for "recycling equipment" for example, and note the domain name that comes up in the top results. In fact, try any number of other two-word searches in Google, with or without quotes; Google assigns a lot of weight to the domain name. You can take a look at domain marketplaces like and Afternic to start researching what constitutes a valuable domain property.

Escrow domain transfer

The escrow used on eBay for larger items is Their fee is $25, which may be split between buyer and seller. If you prefer, you may request that we list the domain for sale at, if you have used the Sedo escrow service in the past. Finally, you may just send a PayPal for your purchase directly to the email listed on the WHOIS data for the domain. You can find a public WHOIS provider via a quick Google search.

From the website, a walkthrough of their process:

First, after opening a "domain name transacton," on the website, both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes the domain name or names, and the sale price.

The Buyer Pays, via PayPal, credit card, or even a paper check or money order. verifies good funds and updates the website to prompt the seller to transfer the domain. Then, after payment is secured, the seller works with the buyer and the respective registrars to transfer the domain ownership to the buyer. The inspection period is started once the Buyer indicates transfer has been received, or confirms that the public WHOIS information now reflects the Buyer's identity. The Buyer confirms full control through the registrar and accepts the domain transfer on the site. When has verified that the domain has been transferred to the Buyer and the inspection period has ended, the Seller is paid. The transaction is complete.

What is the benefit to buyer and seller?, an accredited escrow company, acts as a secure third party, not releasing funds until the domain transfer has been verified.

Domain name registration

Although many other extensions are available, at College Inspector, we'll focus on the main three, "top level domains."

.com = commercial
.net = internet or network
.org = organization

The process of starting a website begins with selecting, then registering, your own domain name. One of the registrars that we recommend is Then, you design your site, upload files to your hosting company's servers, and start marketing your business. Well, that's the general idea, but let's take it step by step., is the organization that keeps track of all website domain names, and their corresponding "IP" addresses, the numbers that computers on the internet actually use to determine the destination of the files we send and/or receive while surfing the web. Formed in October, 1998, ICANN, the "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" does not "run the Internet," but it does oversee operation of the Internet in a few areas:

   Management of the Domain Name System (DNS)
   Allocation of IP address space
   Control of the root server system

Domain registrant WHOIS lookup

To find the current registrant of a domain name, you may use a general whois such as to find out the location of the domain, perhaps being referred to the whois lookup at the particular registrar. You'd then go to that registrar's database to obtain the owner's contact information, unless they have selected to use privacy protection.

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