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iPhone & Android App Design

Creating iPhone & iPad Apps Training
by Infinite Skills, High Quality Training
56.2K students 1.8K active students (73 Reviews)

Learn iOS Programming - The Basics
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
17.2K students 586 active students (54 Reviews)

How To Make iPhone Apps - iOS Development
by The App Dojo, Learn by doing
29.6K students 910 active students (129 Reviews)

Top-Selling iPhone App Design
by Tope A, Founder, App Design Vault
50K students 807 active students (164 Reviews)

How To Build A Mobile App
by General Assembly, Campus for Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship
25.6K students 604 active students (213 Reviews)

30 minutes to a custom GUI design
by UI/UX Designer Jen Gordon, Conversion Centered Design
12.7K students 275 active students (128 Reviews)

Getting Started with Android
by Learn by the Byte, Engaging Courses from Expert Instructors
11.4K students 590 active students (46 Reviews)

Learn by Doing - Android for Beginners
by Ragunath Jawahar, Android Enthusiast and Entrepreneur
24.7K students 2.9K active students (71 Reviews)

Android Programming From Scratch
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
43.4K students 2.5K active students (151 Reviews)

Android App Development by Example
by Pablo Farias Navarro, Founder of ZENVA
17.8K students 845 active students (50 Reviews)

JAVA Programming

Java Tutorial for Beginners
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
283.7K students 37.5K active students (1,526 Reviews)

Learn Java Programming
by Eduonix Learning Solutions, The Knowledge Edge
9.3K students 585 active students (13 Reviews)

Java Design Patterns and Architecture
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
38.6K students 2.2K active students (194 Reviews)

Java Multithreading
by John Purcell, Software Development Trainer
29.9K students 1.7K active students (305 Reviews)

JAVA Programming (MIT Course)

Game Development

Game Development Crash Course with Corona SDK
by J. A. Whye, Course Instructor
23.9K students 866 active students (194 Reviews)

Mobile Games: Simple 2D-Games for Android
by Mobile App University, Expert 2D android game developer
10.7K students 691 active students (21 Reviews)

Unity3d Concepts
by Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder of Xenosmash Games
11.2K students 1.1K active students (38 Reviews)

Unity3d Environmental Series
by Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder of Xenosmash Games
8.6K students 182 active students (78 Reviews)

Android OS App Builder

Android Design Style, building blocks, downloads, and video.

Android Development Training, API Guides, a quick reference, and samples.

Google Play Google Play is an easy way to distribute your Android Apps. Register, upload, and publish your app, so Android users can rate and add comments.

Google Apps Marketplace Google Apps already has 40 million users and an additional 5,000 companies a day are signing up.

Chrome Web Store The Chrome Web Store lets you publish apps and games for 200+ million Google Chrome users.

Web In-App Payments Use Google In-App Payments to sell digital and virtual goods within a web application.

Google Play In-App Billing Google Play In-App Billing allows you to sell digital content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, and virtual content such as game levels or access.


Google+ Apps
Android Apps
Cloud Platform
Online Games
Google Maps
Google Apps
Google TV
Google Wallet Apps
YouTube Apps

Google Maps API

Tweak Google maps to your heart's content. The first umteen thousand maps displayed are free per month, and you're enjoying very good site traffic if your website is capable of exceeding the free quota. Thereafter, it's a very modest charge for business application, and well worth the investment if you have a guide site or upcoming user-intensive idea.

Google Android OS Apps
Editor's Choice Apps

Google Analytics
Mobile Version
You get event tracking as well as real-time reporting. If you are serious about growing your website, Google Analytics is the one free tool you cannot live without. Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.

Adsense  Make money from your website or App.

Adwords  Purchase targeted traffic from Google.

Gmail  Access free Email from any device.

Google Docs  Open & edit documents online.

Google Translate  Translate text, web pages, and files.

Google Support  Explanations and help.

Google Maps  Explore maps.

Google Play 

News  Search breaking news stories.

Developers  Developer tools, APIs.

Code  Software libraries, resources.

Google Sites  Free multi-page websites.

Google Blogger  Create a free blog.

Google Webmaster Tools. 

Google Books 

Mobile  Google apps on mobile 

Picasa  Edit, tag, and share your photos.

Google Alerts 

Chrome Store 

Google Wallet  Shop in stores. Send money to friends.

WildFire  Create social landing pages, posts, and ads.

WebPage Test  Test a website's performance.

Waze  Share real-time traffic and road info.

Google Fonts  Open source fonts.

Web Designer  HTML5 design and motion graphics.

ReCaptcha  Clean, sophisticated CAPTCHAs.

Google TV  Send YouTube videos from Android OS to your TV.

AdMob Make money and promote your apps.

Google Trends See what's trending on Google search.

HangOuts Live face-to-face video calls.

Google Sky Explore the heavens with star maps.

SketchUp Simple 3D drawing platform.

Google App Store

Scholar Search scholarly publications.

Page Speed Page speed test for your website.

Google Flights Search for discount airfares.

Finance Stock charting and financial data.

Google Earth 3D maps of Earth.

Zygote Body 3D human anatomy. Use on Chrome browser.

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