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Doing business online is one of your best options to raise extra income. Success is governed by two main factors, visitor traffic and sales conversions. How many of the right people can you attract to your site, and how many of those people can you persuade to take a given action? There's no rent to pay when starting a business online, unless you count yearly domain name registration and monthly website hosting, both of which are minor. Basically, you need to register a domain name describing the type of business you want to start, and then build the website using a template in HTML, adding a database and programming routines as needed.

Domain Names, Web Hosting

Domain name registration at a low-cost registrar costs about $10 per year, and basic hosting runs about $6 a month, or less if you sign up for a two or more years. There are many cheaper places to register domains, or host your site, but these are the best value for the money that I've found.

Domain Names
- GoDaddy
- Learn more about domain names
- Keyword Research

- BlueHost
- Compare hosting companies

Content Writing

- WordPress Themes & Plug-ins
- Woo Themes
- The THESIS Theme
- Color Palette
- How to Start a Blog
- eBooks & Kindle
- ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse
- Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver
- Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
- The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
- Audiobooks
- Authorship
- Blogging
- Copywriting
- Dramatic Tension
- Personal Branding
- Public Domain Content

Images & Copyright Law

- iStockPhoto
- Flickr Creative Commons
- Digital Photography
- Sell Stock Photography
- Sell Stock Photos
- iStockPhoto Affiliate Program
- Photoshop
- Image size, clarity
- Google image search, tags
- Backlinks

Monetization Methods

- Google Adsense
- Advertising (high traffic sites)
- Graphics vs Text Ads
- Recurring Memberships (dating sites, for example)
- User Databases, Mailing Lists
- Sales' Lead Widgets
- Sale of eBooks
- Shopping Carts
- E-Junkie
- Clickbank
- LeadPages
- Squeeze Pages
- Sales' Pages

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programs
- CJ - formerly Commission Junction
- Share A Sale
- LinkShare
- ClickBank
- Conversion Rate
- Call to Action

Affiliate Marketing Conferences
- Affiliate Summit
- Leads Con

Site Protection

- McAfee (virus)
- Spybot (adware)

PPC Advertising

- Facebook Ads
- One-page Sales Site
- Text Ad Design
- YouTube Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Backlink Analysis
- Market Samurai
- Long Tail Pro
- Tracking (and split testing)
- Google Trends
- Dmoz
- RSS Feeds
- Landing Pages

- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Search Engine Roundtable - TRAFFIC Conference
- Search Engine Watch
- Rich Snippets
- Title Tags
- SEOmoz
- Site Optimization
- Meta Tags
- Site Speed, Compression
- Wordtracker Keyword Research
- SEO Centro
- Doorway Pages
- H1 Tag
- Headline Copy
- Organic Search Position
- Page Rank

Newsletter, Email Marketing

- Email Subscriptions
- Aweber
- OptinSkin, by Glen Allsop

Social Media Marketing

- Facebook Pages
- Pinterest
- Podcasting
- YouTube
- Twitter Re-tweets

Mobile Applications

- Downloads
- iPad Mini Apps
- iPhone Apps
- Microsoft Surface
- Mobile OS
- Mobile Website
- Responsive Page Design (mobile devices)

Google Apps

- Chrome Apps
- Google Adsense
- Banned AdSense Accounts
- Adwords
- Google Analytics
- Google Android
- Google API
- Google Drive
- Google Sites
- Google+

- Free Blogger

Starting an Online Business

The easiest way to start is by opening a Wordpress blog, and monetizing with Google Adsense. You can drive targeted traffic to your website at a reasonable cost, by learning search engine optimization techniques, and writing hundreds of pages of high-quality content. You can also making money with affiliate programs, or charge monthly membership fees, if making certain types of websites. Niche dating websites typically allow users to create an account for free, but then require an upgrade to paid membership to establish contact with other members.

Just making a website isn't enough, if no-one can find it on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Baidu, which collectively account for 94% of all searches. You'll then need online marketing skills, the ability to drive conversions, via a call to action, like encouraging a sign-up for paid membership, purchase of an item, clicks on advertisements, or other money-making events. All of this takes work, and the learning curve is steep at first, but when you find a money-maker online, most of the site can be automated with open-source software.

Making Money Online

Adsense - A well-written introduction to Google's Adsense program for making money online. Lisa claims high monthly earnings, but if you read beyond that, she has a lot to say. This website scores on the #1 spot on the first page of Google for making money with Adsense, which earns my attention already. If you've been reading online, or have tried Adsense before, but only made a few pennies per click, you have learning to do. Adsense works great, but you have to understand most of the concepts, especially Cost Per Click, how Adwords' bidding works, and how the Adsense code interprets your page text.

Take a new look at Google's Adsense program for making money from your website. If you've been reading online, or have tried Adsense before, but only made a few pennies per click, you have a LOT more learning to do. AdSense works great, but you need to understand most of the concepts on this page, especially Cost Per Click, how Adwords' bidding works, and how the Adsense code interprets your page text to display matching ads, thus increasing your click-through rate. If you have been getting under $1 clicks on Adsense, and if you are living in the USA, you are not using their advertising program right. Additional revenue streams can be added with the affiliate program, and sales of eBooks focused on your chosen niche, in which you'll hopefully become a relative expert over time, having written many well-researched articles.

Another Google product, Analytics will take some work to master, especially linking Analytics to your Adsense account. However, after getting the code on each page you want to track, this free stats package displays great graphs, going far beyond the number of visitors to your page, into user flow, what links they clicked on, how long they stayed, bounce rate, % repeat visitors, search traffic, referral traffic, and more. Listed below are some blogging topics that earn good money online with pay-per-click (PPC), primarily using Adsense ads.

1. Education, Online Degree, career training.
2. Online advertising, marketing, Adsense, PPC, keywords, blogging.
3. GEO domains, city of....
4. PC and internet security, hosting, software, website development.
5. Job search, career advancement, making money.
6. Dating, online dating sites.
7. Stocks, banking and finance, loans and mortgage, credit cards, credit report, debt consolidation.
8. Health, weight loss, anti-aging, dentistry and orthodontics.
9. Home and auto insurance, health, business and travel insurance.
10. Legal representation, searches for lawyers.
11. Digital photography education, camera equipment, careers in photography.
12. smart phones, iPhone apps.
13. Real Estate, apartment rentals, roommates, travel, hotels. - wonderful links to articles on the page, informative, and free. with important info about Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

RSS Feed Scrapers
...authorship, copyright, and auto-ping Google when writing articles.

How Companies Make Money Online

Beginning in August, Adobe will take 9% of revenue from Flash developers.
30% of iTunes sales goes directly to Apple.
Android gets a 30% transaction fee for each app sold.
Google Voice is free, but money is earned from call termination fees.
Groupon retains half of all revenues generated.
Kickstarter keeps 5% of money raised for successful projects.
Xbox Live charges users $50 annually for subscriptions.
Most of Mozilla's revenue comes from royalties paid by search engines.
Skype makes money charging $4.99 monthly, or up to 2.3 cents per minute.
StackOverflow makes money selling banner ads and sponsored results.
Tumbler generates revenue from paid inclusion and their blog directory.
Twitter makes money offering Promoted Tweets.
Wolfram Alpha makes a bulk of their money licensing their API.
Farmville makes 60 cents out of every dollar selling virtual goods.

What's the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

1 to 4 pm is the best time to post about a website on Facebook.
1 to 3 pm is the best time to post about a website on Twitter.
Best time to post about a site on LinkedIn is before or after business hours.
9 to 11 am is the best time to post about a website on Google+.
2 to 4 pm, or 8 pm to 1 am, are best times to post about a site on Pinterest.

Text Message SMS marketing

98% of all SMS and MMS messages are opened.
175 million Americans text daily.
7 billion text messages are sent every single day.
Young people look at their phones 150 times per day.

Students and Digital Devices

98% of college students own some sort of digital device.
27% of college students regard a laptop as the most important backpack item.
75% of college students can't think straight without a smart phone.
25% of college students use podcasts in their studies.
College students spend several hours a day texting.
1 out of 12 college students contact their teachers via social media.
7 out of every 10 college students use digital devices when taking notes.
College sophomores spend the most time daily on Facebook (160 minutes).

Reddit vs Digg

Reddit gets the most new front-page submissions on Monday at 9 am.
Digg gets the most new front-page submissions on Thursday at 2 pm.
The word 'iPhone' commonly appears in Digg titles.

First page of Google results

1 billion names are searched on Google every day.
94% of people only look at the first page of Google results.
15% of names/companies have at least one damaging result on page 1 of Google.

Website Content and Flippa, StumbleUpon

92% of marketers say content creation is effective for SEO.
52% of consumers say blogs impact purchase decisions.
200,000+ users are registered on Flippa.
2,500+ buyers and sellers are on Flippa every 60 seconds.
Just 5% of websites are "flipped" (despite the name of the site Flippa).
2 million web pages are added to StumbleUpon every 30 days.
Fully half of all social media referrals originated from StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon referrals stay on a page 25% longer than average.

Smart phones

iPhone dominates the smartphone market with a whopping 20.5% share.
1 out of every 20 website visits are seen by iPhone users.
Website traffic from smartphones has doubled over the last year.
37% of smartphone users take a photo of a product during a shopping trip.
iPhone users average $100 per order.
45% of website owners optimize their site for mobile.

Facebook vs Google

Social media and blogs reach 80% of all active internet users in USA.
1 in 7 minutes spent online is on Facebook.
Google+ adds 10 million new users every 30 days.
The average user invests over 7 hours a month on Facebook.
2 out of every 3 Google+ users is male (averaging 28 years old).
57% of Facebook users are male (averaging 38 years old).
The top 3 sponsored ads garner 41.1% of all clicks on Google's search results.
Just 9% of clicks come from Google's top organic search results.
40% of searchers couldn't identify paid ads if there wasn't a right column.

QR Codes

2 out of every 3 QR scans come from Apple iOS devices.
89% of QR code scanning is for information requests.
42% would scan a QR code to get a discount voucher.
68% of QR scans are made by women.
Higher-end buyers aged 14 to 30 most likely to use QR codes in store.
50% of all smartphone owners have scanned QR codes.
55% of smartphone owners use their device to price compare in the store.

Email Advertising

Email has 3 billion users, compared to 1 billion Facebook users.
Just 14% of all email accounts are located in the USA or Canada.
47% of all email accounts are located in Asia and the Pacific.
Almost half of all email received is spam.

Facebook Marketing

43% of accounts are Facebook power users in at least one activity.
19% of Facebook users makes at least one Friend request every 7 days.
35% of Facebook users were tagged in a photo by a Friend.
27% of Facebook users sent a personal message at least once a week.
59% of Facebook users received a personal message within 30 days.
Female Facebook power users post more than men.


2 out of every 3 Pinterest users resides in the USA.
Most Pinterest users (28%) are between ages 35 to 44.
8 out of 10 Pinterest users are women.
3.6% of all social media referral traffic comes from Pinterest.

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